Red Kidney Beans
Dark Red Kidney Beans
Red Speckled Kidney Beans
Light Speckled Kidney Beans
White Kidney Beans Long
Dry Red Chilli
Christmas Ornament
Glass Tree
Snuff Pot
Crystal Ball


Hebei Max I/E Co., Ltd. (Hereunder called HBMAX) is located in Shijiazhuang city, capital of Hebei province, where is Chinese beans, chillies and dates grown-growers regions. Hebei province is also well known as ¡°Chinese Inner Paints Home¡±.

HBMAX is one of the leading exporters in North China, specialized in the processing and exporting of Hebei origin agricultural products, native products and traditional arts and crafts products.

HBMAX mainly has the following three series products:

1. Beans & Pulses.
-Red Kidney Beans; Dark Red Kidney Beans Long Shape (English Type or British Type); Light Red Kidney Beans (Pink Kidney Beans) Long Shape; Yellow Kidney Beans Long Shape & Round Shape; White Kidney Beans (Baishake Type); White Kidney Beans (Japanese Type); Small White Pearl Beans; Medium White Kidney Beans Long Shape; White Kidney Beans Flat Shape; Large White Kidney Beans (Lima Beans); Small Black Kidney Beans (Black Turtle Beans); Purple Kidney Beans Long Shape & Round Shape; Red Speckled Kidney Beans Long Shape; Red Speckled Kidney Beans Round Shape; Dark Red Speckled Kidney Beans Long Shape; Light Speckled Kidney Beans Long Shape, Round Shape & Ellipse Shape; Large Black Speckled Kidney Beans;

-Small Red Beans; Green Mung Beans; Broad Beans; Chick Peas; Lentils;

HBMAX can supply both HPS Quality and Machine Clean Quality.

2. Spices & Seasonings
-Dry Red Chilli, Stemless, Length: 3-6 cm;
-Dry Red Chilli, Stemless, Length: 4-8cm;
-Dry Red Chilli, Stemless, Length: 5-10cm;
-Dry Red Chilli, Stemless, Length: 7-12cm;

-Cumin Seeds;
-Fennel Seeds;
-Coriander Seeds;

HBMAX can supply HPS Quality, Machine Clean Quality & FAQ Quality.

3. Glass Decoration & Inner Painted Ornaments
-Christmas Glass Balls With Inner Painting; Dia: From 40mm to 250mm.
(Inner Painting Christmas Ornaments; Christmas Decoration);
-Snuff Pot;
-Glass Trees;
-Crystal Balls;
-Inner Painted Crystal Balls;

4. Others
-Dry Red Date;
-Peanut Kernels; Peanut With Shells; Peanut Without Skins.

HBMAX can supply HPS Quality.

HBMAX has her own warehouse, machinery and workers for processing both in origin and Tianjin Xingang port, to ensure the good quality with competitive prices.

Our goal is :
Good, Better, Best;
Never Let It Rest !

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